When your customer requires product that is classified as dry block, our AutoDry System is the solution you need. The depth of dryness is determined by the amount of time the block is cured. As a component of our overall curing system, this versatile dryer will achieve optimal surface dryness without re-handling the block to move it into a separate drying system.

Alternatively, AutoDry can be used as a standalone system. It is ideal for producing block that is going to be treated with an epoxy coating, ensuring a perfectly dry surface for optimal bonding properties.



Our AutoMist System ensures that your product stays moist before curing. We offer multiple types of misters, based on how much automation and ease of maintenance your process requires.

Our system features unique optional misting heads that can be automatically cleaned if they become clogged. When traditional misting heads malfunction, maintenance personnel must go inside the kiln and risk exposure to extreme temperature and humidity conditions. With our auto-cleaning heads, they can unclog the mister from outside the kiln by pushing a solenoid that activates a pin to plunge out the clog. Worker safety is ensured and moving product onto the curing stage is streamlined. Manual and semi-automatic systems are also available.



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