Our customers challenged us more than five decades ago to design a curing alternative to inefficient, high-maintenance boilers.  Extensive testing and research resulted in our revolutionary CurePak direct-fired curing system.  Based on requests from concrete producers for a larger system, this highly efficient process became the cornerstone of the industry-leading CurePak system.


The reliable and robust CurePak is capable of producing large volumes of controllable, low-cost steam – instantly. Operating at half the cost of traditional boilers, Return On Investment (ROI) can be achieved in two years or less, adding profits to your bottom line.


Reduced Operating Costs
Uses half the gas and water required for boilers
Increased Production
Produces instant steam for nearly 100% thermal efficiency
Reliable Performance
Operates efficiently and dependably
Worker Safety
Combustion occurs before water can contact hot air,
minimizing the risk of carbon monoxide production
Flexible Curing Parameters
Ideal for jobs requiring both intermittent and continuous steam production
Quiet Operation
Generates less than half the decibels of typical of boilers
Made in the USA
Now available in a high pressure version, up to a maximum of 15 PSI at 5 MMBTUH


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